Quilt Raffle

FBCA Winter 50/50 Draw & Quilt Raffle

Please help the Fanny Bay Community Hall by supporting our fundraising. Buy tickets for a chance to win a 50/50 raffle or a chance to win a beautiful quilt generously donated by the Fanny Bay Quilters.
Deadline: Sunday, January 30, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

Thank you and a very Happy New Year!

On behalf of the FBCA Board of Directors, I would like to thank the Fanny Bay Community for your generous donations towards our recent unexpected structural issues at the Hall. Without your financial support, we could not have remedied the situation and the Hall could have remained closed. I am happy to report we have surpassed the goal of $15,000. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
We know the last two years have been very challenging for everyone in this province and that is why your donations now are especially meaningful, as we know there have been many worthy causes needing support.
As we look towards the New Year, the FBCA Board knows we have a bit of an uphill battle. The building issues are not over but, we are working on plan and, with some good fortune and a powerful community we are optimistic we can continue to move forward with our flooring and building plans. We have faced many obstacles in the last two years and with each one; we have learned to navigate our way through by working together, staying focused and remaining positive. It has been an honour to work with such a dedicated group of volunteers that make up the FBCA Board, we are all lucky to have them!
Thank you again for supporting the FBCA and I wish every member of our community a happy and healthy New Year.
Tammy Mercer – FBCA President

Fanny Bay Community Hall Open

Effective July 5, 2021 the Fanny Bay Hall is open to rental use once again. Some restrictions apply. Check with our rental agent if you’re thinking of booking an event.

The Fanny Bay Community Association (FBCA) was incorporated and registered as a society on December 10, 1931, under the title Fanny Bay Athletic and Social Society.  Through the past 9 decades it has morphed into the current energetic registered charity, with over 200 members governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. As a not-for profit organization, the constituted purposes of the FBCA are:

  • To maintain a Community Centre, and manage the use of the facilities, so that they can be used on a first come, first served basis.
  • To provide such other public amenities as may benefit the community.
  • In furtherance of the charitable purpose, to obtain and manage the necessary finances, personnel and equipment to operate the facilities.

Our Community Hall, completed in December 1931, was built on land donated by pioneer, Abe McLauchlin, and constructed primarily with volunteer labour and a whole lot of donated materials.  Thanks to the ongoing generosity of Fanny Bay residents, local service organizations and businesses, and grants from various charitable foundations and local and provincial governments, the Hall continues to act as the place in our community to congregate and fraternize with neighbours.