FBCA Memberships


In Person FBCA Renewals

 Wednesday March 24 from 5-7 pm
Saturday March 27 from 11am – 1pm
at the Community Hall.

We encourage Fanny Bay residents to purchase FBCA memberships. They will be available at FBCA sponsored events.

Programs Supported By Membership Fees

  • Black Cat Movie Nights – Monthly with availability
  • Meet Your Neighbours Day – February
  • Two-nee Matinee – Monthly when possible
  • Concert Series
  • Fat Oyster Reading Series – 3-4 per year
  • Community Events
  • Flu Clinics
  • Easter Egg Hunt – Spring
  • Fanny Bay Day | Heritage Day – Summer/Late Fall
  • Children’s Carnival
  • Halloween | Bonfire | Fireworks
  • Christmas Craft Fair
  • Aerobics | Pickleball
  • Youth | Parent & Tots Groups

From Idea to Successful Event

  • An idea comes forward in a board meeting*
  • A planning committee of volunteers is formed where strategies are mapped out and tasks are assigned
  • Entertainment, refreshments or candy is arranged (many times offered at no cost)
*Secretary must receive request to be added to agenda for any presentation to the board.

We strive to offer entertainment for children and families at little or no cost. Membership in this local ‘club’ gives you a vote at the AGM and the right to attend *  board meetings

Your membership fees also help with ongoing hall maintenance.

For more information, please contact Memberships