Got hacked again

Our site got hacked again. As a consequence, we’ll be without some of our pages until we replace / recover them. So please bear with us until we get things back in order again.

Roland Semjanovs.

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Volunteers needed this weekend

Hi Folks,

We are looking for a few volunteers to help set up the Craft Fair this Friday afternoon and a few volunteers to do the take down on Sunday as well. This is strenuous work and the task may require some very heavy lifting. So if you’re looking for a free muscle workout this weekend then this might be the task for you!

Set up is Friday the 16th, 1-3 pm and take down is Sunday the 18th, 3-4pm

If anyone can lend a strong hand, or two, it would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if you can help and I’ll pass your name on to the Craft Fair committee, or if you happen to run into Alaine this week you can let her know that you’ll be coming to lend a hand.

Thank you for all You do,

Cece Henderson

Volunteer Coordinator

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Fanny Bay Christmas Party

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Fanny Bay Craft Fair

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Sweet Scarlet Christmas Special

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Coming Concerts

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November Matinee

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