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Common Areas On The Hall Grounds

Common areas on the FBCA hall grounds

The common areas on the Fanny Bay Community Hall grounds are intended for all user groups. Periodically, certain sections or areas of the grounds are rented to a specific user group, which restricts access by others (ex. field for Market Days, asphalt play space for pickleball). We will do our best to advertise these ‘blocked periods’ on the FBCA website so other users aren’t unnecessarily inconvenienced. In addition, current reserved times for the asphalt play space are posted on both bleachers and at the notice board sign at front of hall. Please contact the Rental Agent if you would like to reserve an outdoor space. 

The FBCA appreciates your co-operation; together we’re better!

Fanny Bay Waterworks

2021 Financial Statements

Audited Financial Statements December 31, 2021

Baynes Sound Garden Club

Baynes Sound Garden Club

Baynes Sound Garden Club

If you’d like to learn more about our group or to become a member please send us an email:

Fanny Bay Waterworks

2020 Financial Statements

FBWW 2020 Financial Statements


Aerobics Classes Resume Oct 5

Effective Monday October 5, 2020 Aerobics classes will resume in a limited and controlled fashion. Suzanne Murray our long-time Aerobics instructor has contacted her entire list of past and present attendees and has determined we have 36 people that would like to resume Aerobics at this time.

The Aerobics’ activity can only accommodate 12 people in the Hall at one time. This is keeping with the Health Officer Guidelines and social distancing measures.

Suzanne has contacted all interested persons and assigned a class day and time. This was sent via email. THERE ARE NO DROP-IN’S allowed at this time. Pre-Registration is required. The classes are now full.  Contact Suzanne Murray to register for the waiting list.  250-335-2533 or 

Effective Monday October 5, 2020 there will be Aerobics at the Hall on Mondays @ 9:00 a.m., Thursdays @ 9:00 a.m. and Thursdays @ 10:20 a.m.

We are very grateful to have Tammy Mercer join our team as a temporary Aerobics instructor to allow the third class per week.

We ask anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms, even if mild, not to take part until they are well.

Everyone must practise good hygiene. Please wash your hands and or sanitize before each class and avoid touching your face.

Please bring your own mat, water bottle and towel if necessary.

Whenever possible the outside doors will remain open to maximize ventilation to that the maximum amount of fresh air is delivered.

Whenever possible we will avoid cash handling instead etransfer or cheque for sessions is recommended.

Misc Event


Users of these facilities are reminded to follow physical distancing measures by staying two metres (six feet) apart from anyone outside of your household, avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces, and to stay home and self-isolate if you are ill.

Fanny Bay Waterworks

2018 Financial Statements

FBWW 2018 Financial Statements


Fanny Bay Canine Companionship Park

FBCA Recipients of New Horizons for Seniors Program Grant

The Fanny Bay Community Association is pleased to announce that it is the successful recipient of a 2019 New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) grant. This grant will be used to develop the new Fanny Bay Canine Companionship Park, a project that will result in the creation of an off-leash dog park, as well as the Adopt a Dog Buddy Program – an initiative that will see dog owners make their dogs available for visits with seniors who cannot own a dog for one reason or another but truly love their companionship. 
The NHSP provides financial support for projects that encourage seniors to engage in their community and increase their social participation and inclusion. This is the key to improving their well-being and quality of life, as well as enabling them to stay active and share their knowledge, skills and experience with other members of the community.

The next step in the project’s process is to assemble a Project Steering Committee of 10-12 people to work with the project coordinators. The role of the Steering Committee will be to:

  • Learn about various aspects of the project
  • Guide the planning process; provide input to the project coordinators working on the project that can be considered in developing the vision, policies and goals for Fanny Bay Canine Companionship Park that reflect the community’s needs and wants
  • Spread the word about this project and encourage others to participate
  • Support public engagement activities

    If you are 55+ and feel this exciting project is something you would like to help with, please contact co-coordinator Tammy Mercer-Gervais by phone or text at Phone or Text or by email  before March 15th. Shortly after, a meeting date will be selected and the project will get underway!

    If you have any questions, contact Tammy using the contact information above. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Fanny Bay Waterworks

Emergency Response & Contingency Plan Summary

January 31, 2019


Section 10 of the Drinking Water Protection Actrequires all prescribed water supply systems to have a current Emergency Response and Contingency Plan (ERCP) available in case an emergency threatens the safety of the system drinking water and puts consumers at risk of waterborne diseases and other drinking water-related hazards.


The ERCP includes a list of all people and agencies that should be contacted in the event of any kind of emergency, including operators, repair personnel, alternate water suppliers, media, applicable government agencies, and the people who draw water from our system.


We have identified potential emergency situations that could make the water unsafe, prevent the flow of water, or pose a health risk, as well as the necessary steps for effectively dealing with each situation.   These include:


  • Pump/Distribution Failure/Source Running Dry
  • Disinfection System Malfunction/Chlorinator Failure
  • Suspect Microbiological Contamination
  • Contamination of Source
  • Broken Water Main
  • Water Tower Failure
  • Back Flow
  • Electrical Brown-out/Black-out
  • Major Earthquake/Structural Damage
  • Fire in or Around FBWD Operations/Fire Fighting With Water System


Communication plays a key role in how well the FBWD will be able to respond during an emergency.  We must be able to alert all users on our system as soon as possible, especially if there is any possible risk to their health from drinking water.


Our communication plan includes phoning and/or emailing all water users.  Users who are not reached via these means will be contacted alternatively.


Local media can carry warnings to the public if the situation is serious enough.


Signs will be posted throughout the district in the event of a boil water advisory or if water is not suitable for drinking.