FBCA AGM Sept 9 2021

2021 AGM Notice
Members, please note that the Board will be presenting 2 important Special Resolutions at the September Annual General Meeting (AGM). Passing these resolutions will require a majority of 2/3 of the votes of those members present at the AGM.

Special Resolutions for AGM 2021
Bylaws Revisions 2021 Rationale
Proposed Revised Bylaws 2021
Constitution Revisions 2021 Rationale
Proposed Constitution 2021
Appendix 36 Board Code of Conduct
Expression of Interest



The FBCA is cautiously optimistic that we can start opening up for more inside and outside events in the coming weeks. Please review this link to BC’s Restart for more information.Also, please note construction for the new playground will start soon. Please allow the various contractors to operate safely and stay well away from the construction site. This also applies to dog owners using the playing field and Canine Companionship Park. Thank you to everyone in Fanny Bay for your support.


FBCA COVID-19 Protocols

FBCA Guidelines for writing a COVID-19 safety plan

FB Community Hall COVID-19 Protocol
FB Community Hall COVID-19 Kitchen Protocol

During the COVID-19 pandemic, FBCA Community Hall rental requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  In addition to the 3 main rental documents, prior to the event each rental and user group must provide a written COVID-19 safety plan as to how they will lessen the risk of spreading COVID-19 at the event, and sign off on any FBCA COVID-19 Protocols which apply to the specific event.

For more information,
please visit our RENTALS page


2021 Membership Renewal

If you would like to renew your FBCA membership for 2021 and pay via e-transfer, please contact Membership Director

Family Memberships $20

Single $10


Common Areas On The Hall Grounds

Common Areas On The Fanny Bay Community Hall Grounds

The common areas on the Fanny Bay Community Hall grounds are intended for all user groups. Periodically, certain sections or areas of the grounds are rented to a specific user group, which restricts access by others (ex. field for Market Days, asphalt play space for pickleball).  During this pandemic the FBCA have been experiencing more requests to use the outside spaces and we are doing the best to accommodate all requests. We will do our best to advertise these ‘blocked periods’ on the FBCA website so other users aren’t unnecessarily inconvenienced in addition, current reserved times for the asphalt play space are posted on the chain link fence. Please contact the Rental Agent if you would like to reserve an outdoor space. 

The FBCA appreciates your co-operation; together we’re better! Stay safe.