Fanny Bay Playground Update May 28, 2021

Welcoming the new sometimes means saying goodbye to the old, that is indeed the case for the well loved playground at the Fanny Bay Hall. A crew of community volunteers will be taking down the existing playground and prepping the site for the new structure. Dismantling work will begin June 5, 2021 and the area will be closed for safety. The swing set will be staying as is so can continue to be enjoyed while we await the installation of the new playground, just please avoid coming to play on the swings June 5 & 6 while crews are working. Construction of the new playground is slated to start June 21, 2021 and it is estimated to take 2 weeks to complete the installation. Again please avoid the area when crews are working, for your safety and theirs. Last weekend we removed the baseball backstop, relocated the bleachers next to the basketball/pickle ball court. They look good there and will hopefully see more use in that location. Thanks to Byron and Sarah Rutledge and David Lindstrom (aka Farmer Dave) for making it look easy to take down a backstop.

If you have not seen the new playground design, check it out on the CVRD website.

Exciting playtime’s ahead for the kids of Fanny Bay