Our water costs have been structured to do two things:

  1.     – to pay for our actual water costs
  2.     – to encourage responsible use of water

The charges below are the costs for summer usage, May 1 to August 31, 2017. The base cost for the first 60 meters remains at $130.00. Our statistics show us that this usage represents a large majority of our customers.

Base charge, in each 4-month period, for the 1st 60 meters                         $130.00

For use exceeding 60 meters                                                                           $1.20/meter

For use exceeding 160 meters                                                                         $1.40/meter

For use under 10 meters, in 4 month period                                                   $65.00

Note that, for non-summer usage, charges exceeding 60 and 160 meters are $1.10 and $1.30 per meter respectively.

Customers within the Fanny Bay Waterworks system are billed three times a year for parcel tax and for metered water use.  An invoice for parcel tax and water use is sent out every four months, in January, May and September.